8 Bachelorette Party Themes and Ideas: Bride and her bridesmaids during talking during their bachelorette party with cups with their names on it in front of them

8 Bachelorette Party Themes and Ideas (2022)

You’ve known this day was coming for months. While the bride has been running around planning the wedding of her dreams, she’s entrusted you, her best friend, to be her bridesmaid. What an honor. Hopefully, you’ve been giving that all-important bachelorette party some thought because now it’s time to pick a theme and plan the best night ever. 

You want an evening or a day that promises fun with the people she’s chosen to be by her side on her big day. I’m going to share some of my favorite ideas with you for what I think the best bachelorette party themes are so you can decide which direction to take this party. Let’s get to it – because this bachelorette party isn’t going to plan itself. 

8 Bachelorette Party Themes & Ideas

These are the eight best bachelorette party themes in existence, in my opinion. 

#1 – Nautical Celebrations 

When it comes to bachelorette party themes, nothing sounds better than taking your party to the open waters. There’s so much opportunity here to have a blast on a yacht or small commercial boat. You can even make the experience ten times better by renting out an Airbnb or hotel in the area to make a weekend of it! But, of course, you’re not going to be able to stay on the boat all day, so you’ll need something to help keep the party going.

Man in a suit with his back to the camera looking at the sailboat on the dock

Word of warning, be careful with booze and boats. The last thing you and your girls need is having to stop the party to fish the bride out of the ocean! Though, the stories might make it all worthwhile

#2 – Weekend In The Woods Before She’s Hitched For Good

Not living for the water? Well, that’s fine, take it more inland and enjoy a weekend in the woods. There are many options for how you can go about this particular theme. There’s the usual cabin in the woods, regular camping, glamping, hotel, or boutique hotel. They all exist in the mountains, so you’re not low on options.  

Around the country, there are a ton of options for adventures in the mountains. Every state has some form of national forest, rocky mountains, woodland spaces, so you’ll find something even when you think it’s impossible. For a more epic adventure, take a trip out of state. 

#3 – 90s Throwbacks

Remember the 90’s? When Britney Spears was dominating the charts, Friends was on every week, and Clueless was a smash at the box office? Well, why not relive the glory days of yesteryear and party like it’s 1996! So dress up in true 90s apparel with the scrunchies, visors, fanny packs, and choker necklaces, and just have fun in this nostalgic dreamscape.

You don’t even have to stick to the 90s. You can go back to the age of disco with glitter disco balls, silver balloons, polaroids, glitter confetti, jumpsuits, and white booties. Throwback bachelorette party themes are available to all eras, it’s up to you which one you want to use.

#4 – Viva La Final Fiesta 

Margaritas? Tequila? Tacos? Bright colors? It’s the final fiesta, ladies! Take your bachelorette party to the desert to drink and dance the night away.

Ladies dancing during their Viva La Final Fiesta themed bachelorette party

Of all the bachelorette party themes, the final fiesta has the most potential for great decor and dress codes with vibrant colors, balloons, pinata, and those bottomless margaritas. It’s going to be a night to barely remember. 

#5 – A Classic Spa Getaway

Some people aren’t into partying, and that’s fine. So instead, why not take an R&R trip to a spa where you can chill the night away with your girls. This is a great way to give the bride some rest after what’s likely been a stressful time planning their wedding.

Massages, pampering, clay masks, a hotel stay, time in the sun, and casual drinking by the pool and all with friends? Sounds. Like. Heaven. 

#6 – Bohemian Queen & The Bride Tribe

For the bride who’s all about chilling and enjoying laid-back vibes and settings that are more intimate, the boho theme is perfect. Head to a farm, or the countryside, stay at a quaint Airbnb and set up an awesome evening out in the fields amongst nature.

There’s lots of potential for decorating and using fun props and costumes like flower crowns, rich colors, peacock chairs, vintage rugs, pallet tables, wine, champagne, and charcuterie, and then the main event, a nice brunch or dinner with tons of sangria and dancing. 

#7 – Go Full-on Wild West 

Get those daisy dukes, cowboy boots, and tied-up button-ups and hit the honkey tonks, and make yourselves the main attraction.

Bride looking at the camera in the middle of a flower garden, photographed by Mary Shelton Media

It’s the last rodeo of a single woman, and who better than share it with than her fellow cowgirls! 

#8 – Sophisticated City Brunch

For bachelorette party themes that are a little chicer, you can never go wrong with a boozy brunch! Make some killer reservations and start the day off right, with an amazing brunch in the heart of the city.

The sign on the window of a brunch place serving as a venue for a bachelorette party

Where the day might take you from then is up to you – manicures, bar-hopping, walking through the city – it’s all down to the bride’s interests and what you are going to have the most fun doing.

Bonus Theme: Destination Bachelorette Party

Not necessarily one of the many bachelorette party themes but instead a concept. Imagine taking these celebrations to the skies and jet-setting across the country for some fun. Think of all the great examples of taking your bachelorette party out of state like Bridesmaids, The Hangover, (though maybe without losing anyone or getting kicked off of flights…)

Bride posing on a black helicopter, taken by Mary Shelton Media

The point is, you can have a ton of fun traveling to places like Vegas, Atlantic City, Texas, New York City, Los Angeles, among many other options. You don’t even have to stick within borders. Cancun anyone? Obviously, some options will make more sense than others, but you’ve got to let yourself dream.


Now you’ve got a plethora of options for bachelorette party themes that will make this an event you’ll never forget. From beaches to the deep south, what more could you need? Now go on, have some fun while you still can! It’s the death of a bachelorette, and she’s about to go out in style. 

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